Hello,  My name is Oren Veksler, I am married, mother of two sons and multidisciplinary artist. 

I've been designing shoes for over four years now.

I learned how to design and manufacture shoes at the "Hagildah" in Tel Aviv, there I discovered my desire to design shoes and I knew that I wanted to open my own brand.

In May of 2014 I established the brand that bears my name - Oren Veksler

The shoes I design reflect me and my personality, my style of dress, the colors I love and the boldness in me, the combination of colors without fear of what pepole may say. So my slogan is "shoes for women who know how to stand up for themself" literally.

 I really like and connect to vintage style, so my shoes have an influence from earlier periods in history.

What is unique in my shoes, is that I print on the lether, a print that is taken from my art world. Since I am also a graphic designer, and a photographer, I combine my artwork with my shoes as a collage.

The first shoes I designed were pointed ballet shoes half with printed lether, and the other half in a bold color. I wanted to create and design somthing difrent, innovative, bold and calerfull.  that you don't see anywere else.  And thus differentiate myself and the brand.

There is no one design that I'm proud of ... I'm proud of all my designs. 

I love my shoes.

I make shoes for women who appreciate a work of art, meticulous work and high quality, Women that know how to treat themselves.

The shoes I make, are high quality shoes and are extremely comfortable.

And it is important to me that the shoes will be comfortable as they are uniqe.